3 Reasons to Spend Your Vacation at an Alaskan Retreat

Now that travel is becoming more attainable for people again, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the options available. Going abroad may still be a bit too complicated; many countries still require a negative COVID-19 test and full vaccinations before Americans cross their borders. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The United States offers many beautiful, diverse vacation spots for us to enjoy. Perhaps none of them are quite as beautiful or worth visiting as Alaska.

There are so many reasons why you should consider going on an Alaska retreat. According to the Alaskan Resource Development Council, about 2.26 million Americans traveled to Alaska between May and September 2019 alone. Nonetheless, you might be hesitant to book your trip too quickly if you only have limited vacation time (as most of us do). So we're diving into some of the main reasons why you should take an Alaska retreat this year!

1. The Natural Beauty Is Unparalleled

There are so many benefits of going on an Alaskan retreat. One of the main reasons why we can't let go of Alaska is that the natural beauty of the state is unparalleled. Alaska's environment is different from anywhere else in the United States, simply because it's located further north -- you can't even reach it without driving through (or flying across) Canada! Additionally, Alaska is less settled and populous than the rest of the country. There is much less smog, and many more gorgeous sights to see.

2. It's Perfect For Outdoor Activities

There are so many outdoor activities you can take part in when on an Alaska retreat, many of which might be difficult to do in the rest of the nation. Of course, there are hikes, but also canoeing, kayaking, salmon fishing, and more! You can go to a nature park and observe stunning animals, or you could hop on a boat and try whale watching.

3. You Can Truly Disconnect

The world is troubling right now, and being overly connected to technology is part of the problem. On a retreat in Alaska, you can truly disconnect and focus on yourself, soaking up time with the natural world and with the people you're taking on vacation.

Alaska will offer you an experience unlike any other. Why not give it a try when booking your next vacation? If you're ready to book your trip, contact us today!